"I loved my handwriting lessons! I can't believe how much my writing has improved in just 10 weeks. It's amazing! Big thumbs up from me " Jamie age 9

Mrs Greenshields has completely changed the handwriting of my two sons. Thanks to her, my ten and six-year-olds have clear, consistent handwriting that their teachers can now understand. She is calm and patient but also rigorous in working with children to ensure they meet the standards they are capable of. I highly recommend Mrs Greenshields.

Davina, mother

"My 7 year old daughter has always had difficulty with her handwriting but it became more noticeable during home schooling with her lack of enthusiasm for writing tasks. I therefore contacted Elaine and through a combination of zoom and face to face lessons her writing has been transformed. Elaine has unlimited patience and enthusiasm and made it a very fun experience. My daughter loved going to the lessons and we are thrilled by the improvement in her writing. Thank you!  

Emma, mother"

I am amazed by the transformation in my 7 year old son's writing thanks to Elaine. Whilst homeschooling during lockdown, it became apparent that Charlie used to find writing very difficult which affected his willingness and  creativity in writing tasks so I enlisted the help of Elaine.  He finds writing much easier and is happy to do English tasks! In Charlie’s words he says Elaine is a very funny and happy person which helped get him through lessons which he sometimes found quite frustrating. He is so proud of his hard work and his handwriting now though which has set him up perfectly for starting year 3 in September. We would highly recommend Elaine.....thank you very much :-)

Pippa, mother

For a while (since Year 1) we have noticed that Elodie’s pencil grip was a bit weird. During Lockdown and home schooling it was highlighted even more.  We found Elaine (the handwriting tutor) and after one lesson we started to notice the difference.  She has been so patient with Elodie but also made sure that every lesson she has made good progress.  I really can’t believe the difference this has made to Elodie, her pencil grip and handwriting in just 11 lessons. Before this Elodie was complaining of how much her hand hurt whilst writing but now can write much more without any complaint.  Every time she picks up a pencil to draw or write she knows exactly how to hold it.

Tanya, mother

Elaine helped my son to transform his handwriting in an intensive but short period if time. Elaine’s enthusiasm, friendliness and sense of humour put him at ease straight away and he always enjoyed his sessions in a way he had never felt about writing before. It boosted his confidence and belief in his own abilities and improved his attitude to attempting other challenges in his school work and life. After 2 years of struggling to improve his writing with little/no support from school, taking up a course of lessons with Elaine was the best decision I made for my son. He is continuing to develop his handwriting himself now and takes pride in his written work which he previously used to avoid. I highly recommend Elaine and will be eternally grateful for her work with my son.

Nita, mother


Elaine is very kind and she helped a lot with my handwriting. I used to find it very difficult but now it’s super easy! Every time I left my class with her, I had a smile on my face.  

Shiv aged 9

I can't thank Elaine enough for the handwriting help she gave our son.  A lovely location and friendly face meant my son skipped into lessons even when he didn't want to do any out of school work.  Extra support was given for his concentration issues and now that we've finished , the handwriting has massively improved as has his confidence.  Would highly recommend Elaine for anyone needing support .

Rachel, mother

Dear Elaine

Thank you for teaching me handwriting because you've helped me get on so far at school.

from Drew aged 8

Our son had long struggled with poor pencil grip on his pen, which had led to slow and messy - often illegible- handwriting. Elaine was exactly what we needed: patient and encouraging, from the first session there was noticeable improvement in posture, and the clarity of our son's handwriting. Over the course of just ten weeks, the change was remarkable both in neatness and speed of writing, and has been highly praised by his teachers.  We commend Elaine to you most highly.

Paul, father

My son, who is dyspraxic, found writing extremely difficult and tiring.  After working with Elaine his handwriting had greatly improved.  It is now consistent, legible and requires much less effort than before. 

I would highly recommend Elaine to anyone with handwriting difficulties.

Claire, mother 

Our son was so pleased to receive a certificate in his school assembly for al his hard work improving his writing.  It is something that didn't come naturally to him but with all of Elaine's hard work he is now able to write with confidence.  Thank you again Elaine.

Kelliann, mother

My son always found writing difficult.  He would often get frustrated as people could not read his writing.  This had a knock on effect at school as often he would fail spelling tests as even though he could spell the word his writing was illegible.  I decided to get him some help and that is where we found the wonderful Elaine.  From the moment we emailed Elaine I knew we had made the right decision! From the first lesson we noticed a dramatic improvement in both his writing and his confidence.  Elaine is a fantastic teacher, my son loved her friendly demeanour and her patient encouraging support.  After his sessions with Elaine my son is now writing competently, with confidence and most importantly enjoying his writing again.  I can't recommend Elaine highly enough. 

Fran, mother

My nine year old daughter had lost all confidence and avoided writing at all costs.  Elaine was so warm and friendly from the moment we met her, she instantly put Annabelle at ease and, with her enthusiasm and encouragement, within a few sessions the change in her handwriting was obvious.  I can't thank Elaine enough for restoring my daughter's confidence and helping her to grow and flourish.

Nicola, mother

Our 7 year old son started Year 1 with terrible writing.  It had been something that he had struggled with in previous years especially remembering finger spaces, mixing upper and lower case, getting letters the wrong way round. When he started KS1 his teachers didn't understand his writing.  He was immediately falling behind because he was required to write a lot more.  His spelling was often marked wrong even although he knew how to spell the words because it looked wrong.  In his first report the teachers said his writing was behind.  We knew we had to act.  I did some research: found Elaine and we had a few telephone calls to talk about my concerns.  Elaine felt she could help.  Fortunately, half-term was about to start so we were able to have 3 lessons over the week as Elaine had recommended a short sharp burst of intensive lessons to get the momentum going and fix the issues quickly.  This worked well for us, doing three over half term and then two per week after that. 

Tom was nervous in the first lesson but was quickly put at ease by Elaine's friendly, encouraging manner.  She runs sessions with other children too and so Tom was working alongside other children with similar challenges which made him more relaxed.  Tom had to do a small amount of homework each night to support the learning and we soon got into the routine.

Very quickly Tom was re-taught how to form letters neatly and clearly.  Elaine also had to retrain him how to hold his pen and position himself writing: and encouraging him to check his position each time he picked up his pen.  Then Elaine taught him to join letters, how to write neatly, keep it on the line and writing consistently and make sure he started sentences with a capital letter and finished with a full stop.  Tom's writing was transformed.  Within 13 sessions (2 months) his teachers at school were double taking when they saw Tom's workbooks and couldn't believe his progress. He was given a certificate in assembly for his achievements.  One of his teachers told me how much his presentation had changed in other curricular areas including Maths.  He was now able to get all his wonderful ideas onto paper.  However the biggest change for us was his confidence.  

He previously hated writing and it has always been a challenge to get him to write anything at home.  Now he is happy to pick up a pen and write notes, lists, ideas etc and he is very proud of his writing.  

I would recommend Elaine to anyone who is struggling with their handwriting, for Tom it has been amazing.

Rachel, mother 

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Fordcombe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England